Are You Parting Your Hair The Right Way?

4. juni. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! Changing up your part is the easiest way to make yourself look more attractive and change up your style.
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  • A center part looks horrible for me, side part is a queen

    Naty Ssss. •Naty Ssss. •34 minutter siden
  • Glad to know I’ve been parting my hair where it looks best! I have a round to heart shaped face and have been parting my hair on a side part on the right side of my head for years, so it’s now well trained to part on that side.

    Katy WolffisKaty Wolffis40 minutter siden
  • I look like Leo from the 70s show when I part it down the middle

    Carole suggsCarole suggs6 timer siden
  • Curly girls watching this 👁👄👁

    Nadeen Abu halimaNadeen Abu halima7 timer siden
  • Me with an oval face shape and wants middle part but has natural side part😢😢😢😢

    Nida YungNida YungDag siden
  • Brad looks literally exactly like one of my cousin's

    • I know

      bilbobagpipebilbobagpipeDag siden
  • Honestly I don't like middle parts, it looks too... Normal. Off-center parts (With either your eye or the side of your nose as a guide) look way more lively.

    Shurah SharmahShurah Sharmah2 dager siden
  • Does anyone take the 'hi beautiful ' intro personally 😚😊☺

    Abigail VidalAbigail Vidal3 dager siden
  • I think every girl on this planet must watch him 🤷‍♀️

    A DA D3 dager siden
  • 9:27 "I love bdsm"

    manounamanouna5 dager siden
  • I have an oval face, like a literal track field. I would saw I look best with long hair and bangs. I also have a middle parting. So for all you oval shaped people, you slay and rock your hair 🥳😊

    joyjoy5 dager siden
  • Love you Brad! But the bronzing on your nose was waaay too much

    lonna carlislelonna carlisle5 dager siden
  • POV: you don't know what face shape you have

    ᴊɪᴍɪɴᴀʀᴊɪᴍɪɴᴀʀ5 dager siden
  • Watches what is your face shape 10 times Me : ok where is Pentagon🙏

    Luxxe and FashionLuxxe and Fashion7 dager siden
  • Brad's hair looks good!

    Rita ShearingRita Shearing8 dager siden

    broccoli ِbroccoli ِ8 dager siden
  • I have no idea what fave shape I have... 😅

    Vicky RNBishop98Vicky RNBishop9810 dager siden
  • I used to have a side part... But I got annoyed with hair in the face... So I went for centre. Now my hair is one length and is long I can't really do side part unless I have a headband

    Vicky RNBishop98Vicky RNBishop9810 dager siden
  • 😂 "now that we've learned how to use a comb" 💀

    Tabitha CourterTabitha Courter11 dager siden
  • How I part my hair: brush my hair, let it do its own thing, put a hat on my head and call it a day!!

    shbllgmlcmsh Shy123shbllgmlcmsh Shy12312 dager siden
  • He has the sort of face you can slap all day long without feeling any shame!

    ProudarseProudarse12 dager siden
  • I look great with a side part tho....the middle makes me look...HORRENDOUS, love you Brad but no thank you xD

    MeiMei15 dager siden
  • Braaaad CRUSH ❤

    Zmyle ZacZmyle Zac15 dager siden
  • What are those clips called and where can I get them?

    Bailey HeislerBailey Heisler16 dager siden
  • Everything is beautiful WHEN YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL

    Miss AhanaMiss Ahana16 dager siden
  • how do i go from a side part to a middle part without the hair forming a bump 😌

    San ShineSan Shine16 dager siden
  • me being a hijabi watching this video 0_0

    San ShineSan Shine16 dager siden
  • is it true that parting can give you traction alopecia?

    doña brujadoña bruja17 dager siden
  • I can't part my hair in the middle it just doesn't work😑

    Siri FiocchiSiri Fiocchi17 dager siden
  • i hve a unsymmetrical face and ive been doing middle part as long as i can remember. fml

    namrata rainamrata rai18 dager siden
  • My hair just gets tangle really fast XD

    Sury AmadorSury Amador18 dager siden
  • Me with a small forehead trying to figure out how to make my forehead look a little wider

    Zoya AbbasZoya Abbas19 dager siden
  • 9:28 wha-

    sweet little mesweet little me19 dager siden
  • “Who doesn’t want to look like a snack?”

    Basha FredmanBasha Fredman21 dag siden
  • My parting: giant zig zag going to my cown

    Katherine A.Katherine A.21 dag siden
  • i've had wonky off center my whole life (not a cute moment) and now ive realized that a middle part looked SOO much better (my natural part is middle and everyone always told me it would good but I didn’t UNTIL NOW)

    Froggy ?Froggy ?22 dager siden
  • I want to look like a snack! LOL!

    Nautica's Playhouse Naughty & Erotic AudioNautica's Playhouse Naughty & Erotic Audio23 dager siden
  • My face is very small and square.....can you plzz suggest m a hairstyle

    Nikita PoddarNikita Poddar26 dager siden
  • I've done a side part for so long that my hair literally does it automatically. When I part it in the middle I feel like I look weird. So the side part is due sure my safe zone. Guess I'll try to get out of it lol

    Jennifer JonesJennifer Jones26 dager siden
  • I have literally had a side part for TWELVE years. At least. And 2 days ago, I have decided to try going for a middle part... So far, it's ok 🤪

    Shana NicoleShana Nicole27 dager siden
  • Well I'm stuck. I have a small widows peak but i am told I have a oval face. 😢

    Lena HoffmanLena Hoffman28 dager siden
  • Brad looks like Ian somerhalderz chill younger brother u hang out with while catching side eye glances at Ian

    Mind chatter artMind chatter art29 dager siden
  • I have face in between oval and round... But all kinds of part lay flat. My hair hates texture, it's just black cloth on my head, which happens to shine and is soft

    sonali sharmasonali sharmaMåned siden
  • Do I have to change my part ever? Will parting it in the same way cause it to thin

    Anastasiya BadiAnastasiya BadiMåned siden
  • Me having a square face but a heart hair line: WUT DA HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DO!!!!!!!

    Shay CharatoShay CharatoMåned siden
  • I had my hair in a side part for many years. I changed it to a middle part and it actually adds more volume.

    mermaid 2218mermaid 2218Måned siden
  • Idk why I thought a middle part would look good after 17 years of a side part with a widows peak and a cowlick

    bbMåned siden
  • middle part is best for you! me: *cries in flat hair and five head*

    Selah BaggettSelah BaggettMåned siden
  • So just all center parts...

    iamsalamandersiamsalamandersMåned siden
  • The manequine looks really pretty! How do I spell manequine correctly?

    Emma CarterEmma CarterMåned siden
  • please please please talk about cow-licks!!! I have a huge one starting from my left and runs alllll the way back to the crown. So stubborn. so many baby hairs. Nearly impossible for me to manage.

    LemonlooopLemonlooopMåned siden
  • Me : changes their hair parting every week 😐 okay I totally I’m not clueless

    Scarlet_rumScarlet_rumMåned siden
  • I have very long hair and an oval face but the only thing that works for me is the center part like I look disgusting with the other ones

    Ann CabrasAnn CabrasMåned siden
  • Thank gosh you mentioned what to do with one side voluminous and the other side flat. 🙏🏻💖Literally my main issue on trying to do a center part.

    The Smart LifeThe Smart LifeMåned siden
  • square face with a widow's peak here. my hairline is basically batman's logo. slight off center forevs. because we all know my face is far from symmetrical. and nobody wants to split a widow's peak down the middle.

    Molly CarrollMolly CarrollMåned siden
  • I had a center part my whole life, then I went to get my balayage dyed pink and she gave me an off-center part. I have a round face shape and I just like the way it accentuated my features more and helped me hide some of my insecurities. This video is very helpful, and all I could think about was how massive a rule-breaker I am with my hair, If Brad saw how I dyed my hair he'd have a coronary then a stroke oml lmao.

    Celeste KimCeleste KimMåned siden
  • when you realize that mannequin's hair looks better than yours

    Erica AnchetaErica AnchetaMåned siden
  • no i am not and im aware of it

    amanahohnanaamanahohnanaMåned siden
  • I tried parting on the opposite side and DAMN GURL I LOOK SNAZZY thanks brad 🥺🥺🤧🤧

    Mikuer ChordanMikuer ChordanMåned siden
  • Brad: parting the mannikin’s hair with so much ease Me with my thick hair: hehe... nope...

    Cactus _Cactus _Måned siden
  • High key love how passionate Brad is about hair and how just wholesome and pleasant his videos are to watch. Keep up the fantastic work, Brad, it is much appreciated

    Haley AnspachHaley AnspachMåned siden
  • i have the off centre part bc when i try to split it in the middle, my hair is so uneven and i just look really stupid. i used to have an extremely weird hair part, it goes down the middle but in a zigzag 💀 edit: i didnt even know there was a zigzag part, i thought i was the only one who had it 😂 edit 2: nvm, theres literally NO VOLUME AT ALL! it's like literally a zigzag like it goes zigzag down to the middle hahah

    amazing peeamazing peeMåned siden
  • How do I make my forehead smaller w a middle part doe 😞

    Paige SchoeningPaige SchoeningMåned siden
  • I’m thinking about dyeing parts of my hair, but I don’t know my hair at all. I mean I don’t know to control my hair, it’s very frizzy because I live in the south and the humidity here it 😔😔 That and my hair is greasy and I don’t even know what hairstyle I want anymore so 🤷🤷🤷

    News Flash I’m tiredNews Flash I’m tiredMåned siden
  • I still dont know... They kinda look the same

    sister shooksister shookMåned siden
  • He kinda looks like Damon from Vampire Diaries. Am I the only one who thinks that? 😅

    Toohina BaruaToohina BaruaMåned siden
  • Me after seeing the thumbnail: *keeps the side part on the right side with my side bangs anyways.

    Lovely Doll TimeLovely Doll TimeMåned siden
  • Thank you!! I am seriously hair challenged, especially with my very stubborn part!

    Donna HitzfeldDonna HitzfeldMåned siden
  • Brad you’re a great teacher , with this much info you should do something like Bob Ross , and remind people to get their note books out and learn some stuff

    Jeannine BagleyJeannine BagleyMåned siden
  • HAIR PARTING:- part options:- - [ ] center part - [ ] off center part - [ ] side part * side all the way back * side to the centre - [ ] zigzag part (can be middle/side) hair for part:- - [ ] round face - center part (best), also side part - [ ] oval face - any part, offset center part(best), zigzag part (best) - [ ] square face - centre part, offset centre part, tuck hair behind ears it will accentuate cheekbones and jawline making it look more angular and more oval - [ ] heart face - offset centre part, side part making the face look thinner - [ ] diamond face - center part will elongate the face, zigzag part - [ ] oblong face - centre part with a sweeping bang making the length of the face to decrease how to part:- - [ ] use a regular comb. instead of goibg from up and from top, place the comb sideways and down and use the end of the comb to part. how to train your hair to part correctly:- - [ ] part your hair with a fine tooth regular comb when you get out of the shower and the hair is really wet. - [ ] use the blow dryer but with a low heat setting. - [ ] put clips to let the hair stay in place for a while after blow drying. - [ ] if one side is flat and the other is voluminous and you want to increase volume in the other side, use a blow dryer and round brush. - [ ] at the end, use a hairspray or bomb or some styling cream to keep it in place.

    Uh HuhUh HuhMåned siden
    • My goodness I was looking for this

      Rayan FuryRayan Fury2 dager siden
    • Omg thanks 💕

      Neema RopNeema RopMåned siden
  • Thanks mate, I'll try center part on my oval head + straight T H I C C asian hair

    RBS randomRBS randomMåned siden
  • What I've learned from Brad: •I have a round face. •I have cool skin. •Center part. •Side bangs.

    WilmaWilmaMåned siden
  • hey Brad! I found this video because I'm having an issue that you actually described in the video (though it's not a general issue - just an issue for my taste) and I need help. I have a side part and I've had it for years, which has made it pretty much a natural part. so the issue - my side part goes too far back on my head. when I use a handheld mirror to view the back of my hair, i can actually see the end of the part stopping at the back of my head. I want it to stop in the center of my head, or closer to the center, instead. I've tried simply brushing some of the hair at the end of my part backwards to make the part stop where I want it but, since my hair has been parted like this for so long, any time I try this brush method the hair just falls back naturally within a few minutes. I want to keep the part on this side but the length of the part just isn't working for me. is there anything that I can do to train my hair/part to go where I want it?

    sydsydMåned siden
  • my hair only parts on the side bc i have a cowlic

    Hannah ElizabethHannah ElizabethMåned siden
  • I have round face and this video really didn't help me choose between center or side.Sigh thank you beautiful video though,i also have Widows peak

    Its Justm3Its Justm3Måned siden
  • and i still don’t know what my face shape is

    Sw anSw anMåned siden
  • Yeah I’ve tried to move over my part, but my hair is kinda naturally parted there and it’s been there for my whole life, so it just flipped back over time lol

    Madeline HarmonMadeline HarmonMåned siden
  • I've always parted my hair side to center (alternating from left to right depending on how i feel). Recently ive been thinking of changing it up so im going to try a center part with my partially grown out bangs! Thanks for the post and ideas. Update didnt like the center part at first but now im loving it 👍❤️

    Sebrina ThompsonSebrina ThompsonMåned siden
  • thank you

    K !K !Måned siden
  • me and my middle part looking like an open book

    Sophia AragonSophia AragonMåned siden
  • so i really wanna do a middle part but i’ve been doing a side part for so long that half of my hair sticks up and idk what to do about that 💀 also my baby hairs kinda are swept to the side it’s hard to explain but it takes a lot of effort to do a middle part BUT IM doing it for brad 😈

    Rabiya MughalRabiya MughalMåned siden
  • I have been doing a side part for as long as I can remeber. Like this week I tried a middle part and was suprised at how munch I liked it, but I felt it made my round face even rounder. And then Brad popped up in my recs to reassure me lol

    a bathtuba bathtubMåned siden
  • 0:22 my family when discussing my mental health

    MacyMacyMåned siden
  • Pleaseeeee do a Video on Widows peaks hairlines and how to Style them 😇😇 I’m out here with a Mac Donald’s sign for a forehead

    RoseRoseMåned siden
  • Me with a off centre hair part and big nose: 👁👃🏽👁

    Charlize FrancisCharlize FrancisMåned siden
  • My wavy hair is shit i just want some volumeless straighter than a line hair. Its so much of a hastle to deal with

    local psycho __local psycho __Måned siden
  • i have a heart shaped face and i middle part my hair, it makes me look SO much better

    jenna !jenna !Måned siden
  • I have an oval face and while watching this I tried a side part and I was like b***tch, my hair is looking good. I usually do off center just a little. Might switch it up now👀. Thank you brad❤️

    Angelia RodriguezAngelia RodriguezMåned siden
  • When I tell you I needed this video

    Sara okieSara okieMåned siden
  • Can you do a video on cowlicks? I have several lmao !!!

    Melissa JMelissa JMåned siden
  • Oh Brad, I just love your personality. You never fail to make me smile with your witty humor.

    Taylor Marie JohnsonTaylor Marie JohnsonMåned siden
  • I have so many questions!!! But is it possible to have a sore scalp from keeping your hair the same? Maybe its too thick? Or heavy? It's 26 inches long. Ideas?

    Taylor SnowTaylor Snow2 måneder siden
  • I learnt so much after watching this, I am amazed

    Jessie SJessie S2 måneder siden
  • Everybody needs a Brad

    Jessie SJessie S2 måneder siden
  • Can we be best friends? I seriously need a Brad in my life to help me with my style and hair lmao

    Jessie SJessie S2 måneder siden
  • am i the only one who just doesn’t look good with a middle part😑

    heyhilol 14heyhilol 142 måneder siden
  • My cowlick doesn’t let me move mine 😭

    Madisen WendrickMadisen Wendrick2 måneder siden
  • i thought this was gonna be some stupidass straight man telling women which parting makes us more attractive i was ready to go OFF

    Tallulah roseTallulah rose2 måneder siden
  • What if my hair refuses to part at all?! It’s like my hair is telling me to get BANGS 😩😂

    Nicole GarciaNicole Garcia2 måneder siden
  • I have a cowlick that I was born with and it's made me automatically have a side parting which is not good for my face shape so it is so hard to part it because whenever I do it in the middle it is just a lump. Thx for the tips and I am very sure they will help with this issue! :)

    KiKiKiKi2 måneder siden