10 Minute Hair Styling Challenge! (I tried my best 😅)

17. sep.. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! Today is a challenge day. I was given 3 personality types to complete a hair style based on. Here's the catch, I have to do all the looks in under 10 minutes!
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  • Thanks for being amazing. Love you.

    Brad MondoBrad MondoMåned siden
    • Always sold out when I want to buy😭😭😭😔

      Rosy RamirezRosy Ramirez12 dager siden
    • no you

      Ashlyn TerryAshlyn Terry19 dager siden
    • Brad any details on the triple barrel waver?

      Hooperina AliHooperina Ali21 dag siden
    • Brad Mondo maybe It’s fun to do the 1 minute vs 10 minutes vs 100 minutes styling challenge. And i’ll think you have fun but stress to😂 love you

      Melanie GoossenMelanie Goossen22 dager siden
    • @bradmondo how do i get on your PR list... check out my instagram @jessaanderson1

      Jessa AndersonJessa Anderson26 dager siden
  • Oh God I wanna be friends with Brad Mondo 🥺🥺 he has such an awesome personality.. I’m obsessed 😍❤️

    Mirza BieberMirza BieberTime siden
  • I crimped my hair like that once and my husband said it looked like bacon 😂😂💀

    Jamie McClureJamie McClure5 timer siden
  • You are so nice.

    Dark WolfDark Wolf11 timer siden
  • Okay but where can I get that crimper?

    Bri RatliffBri Ratliff2 dager siden
  • 15:21 Brad should take a screenshot of the part chocking the maniquin and make it his new profile picture LMAO

    haha i don't run ;-;haha i don't run ;-;4 dager siden
  • @brad. Where is your pink hair tool from? I need it.

    Brianna FebusBrianna Febus4 dager siden
  • Little off topic but is this Brad Mondo's Guy Fieri face

    Clem BoyerClem Boyer6 dager siden
  • I have an idea! Why don’t we call ourselves “Braddies” (as in baddies)? You know like James Charles’s fandom call themselves “sisters”. I’m gonna spam Brad’s videos with this idea😂

    R SR S8 dager siden
  • Brad's outfits ... Catch me off guard every time

    Adel BaranovskaAdel Baranovska8 dager siden
  • Omg this was amazing, WORK Brad! Anytime you feel like doing this again I am HERE FOR IT!

    Jennifer OJennifer O10 dager siden
  • Poor rebecca 😁

    Chloe GaianChloe Gaian11 dager siden
  • Do a video using hair bungee...

    Alyssa FortsonAlyssa Fortson11 dager siden
  • that haircut is absolute fire brad

    Jenessa CardinalJenessa Cardinal11 dager siden
  • This hair on you right now is... it's just.. THE ONE. I think i fancy you.

    Rachel ElizabethRachel Elizabeth12 dager siden
  • I love him telling us we are snacks such a confidence boost

    The Great British Barber BashThe Great British Barber Bash12 dager siden
  • I like the last girl hair I thought it was so cute 😘

    Micayla JordanMicayla Jordan13 dager siden
  • Brad: “hello, beautiful, you look scrumptious” Me: “why did I just get turned on by a gay man” 😂

    Jillian RamirezJillian Ramirez13 dager siden
  • I just got that same framar spray bottle and I'm OBSESSED 😍🤩

    Chloe WhitsonChloe Whitson13 dager siden
  • When will wavetech and salty be back in stock?

    Leah FreemanLeah Freeman14 dager siden
  • Is no one gonna talk about how AMAZING his hair looks!!!! Like goddamn it's been two weeks, and the comment section should be full of comments about his hair! 🖤❤

    Oneachord831Oneachord83114 dager siden
  • Me: getting excited because the wave tech hair product is back in stock Also me: remembering I live in NZ and we can't get it there

    madison priemmadison priem15 dager siden
  • "I. Will. Admit." As he's pounding her head in the stake 😂 I am crying tears of laughter.

    lyrics4life223lyrics4life22315 dager siden
  • I am living for this video. Absolutely hysterical

    lyrics4life223lyrics4life22315 dager siden
  • You are so cute just to look at you

    LisaLisa15 dager siden
  • Should do I merch of “hi beautiful “ in the back it should say “you look scrumptious”

    Heidy NessaHeidy Nessa16 dager siden
  • Brad you lift my aura. I love your personality....so refreshing...i. studying to become a hairdresser . In my 50s....ty for your videos...i.appteciate you.

  • Oop-

    {DaisyVibes}{DaisyVibes}17 dager siden
  • I can’t stop watching your videos love them all ! 😊

    Marina TorresMarina Torres17 dager siden
  • When he curls an entire head of hair in less than 10 min and it literally takes me close to 2 hours

    Michelle Van NessMichelle Van Ness17 dager siden
  • My bat mitzvah was in 2007 🤣

    Margeaux StitchesMargeaux Stitches17 dager siden
  • The only guy to compliment me and he’s gay and out of my league

    Brianna PhairBrianna Phair18 dager siden
  • AHH!! My name is Emma!

    WildfirexEmmyWildfirexEmmy18 dager siden
  • Wait, is it just me or have you noticed that some NOworld's like james charles,Sam and Colby, Brad mondo and more are letting us text them. I think that's a little strange but it's what they wanna do so I'm not gonna judge

    Landri TownsendLandri Townsend19 dager siden

    Lilly KellerLilly Keller19 dager siden

    Lilly KellerLilly Keller19 dager siden

    Madison PirtleMadison Pirtle19 dager siden
  • Why did I get an ad for the exact sweater Brad’s wearing while watching this lmao Edit: it is £295 damn

    JanaJana20 dager siden
    • SAME OME

      Neiv KNeiv K3 dager siden

      Lilly KellerLilly Keller19 dager siden
  • OKAY BRAD... I wanted to make a tiktok asking you what colour I should dye my hair cuz I'm bored of blonde and my roots are DARK, but unfortunately the only person who follows me on tiktok is my 4 y/o cousin... SOOOOOOO ANYWAY........ my point is, I think you should do a video in which you choose your subscribers hair colour. I know I'm not the only one who would like you to choose our hair colours soooooo YEAH... It can kinda be like a before and after reaction video 🤷‍♀️ ANYWAY... HOPE YOU SEE THIS. If not I'll just have to dye my hair black and channel my inner emo✨

    Shivaun TimmsShivaun Timms20 dager siden
    • Do pink! 😂 I know I’m not Brad but he always seems to approve pink on blondes wanting to change things up lol. Also liking this comment so it boosts and he does this video idea cause that would be fun!!

      Mar_s19Mar_s1913 dager siden
  • love thiiiiiis do it again 😍😍

    Salena MonteiroSalena Monteiro20 dager siden
  • Looove the jumper

    Mathilde BezençonMathilde Bezençon20 dager siden
  • Am I the only one who got an imperfections advertisement

    sanサナリヤsanサナリヤ21 dag siden
  • I would watch you everyday on my lunch break and I’ve been so busy I haven’t watched you for a while. Oh how I missed hearing you say “hi beautiful “ ❤️❤️ even if I look a hot mess lol

    Emma LopezEmma Lopez21 dag siden
  • I got an add for the exact same sweater he was wearing I love you brad

    Kylie SimpsonKylie Simpson21 dag siden
  • Brad darling... you want 1940's-50's glamour waves? Google Veronica Lake!

    Heather WrightHeather Wright21 dag siden
  • Can I just say @ 10:40 I got an ad by the company that made that sweater, advertising THAT sweater

    J - JJ - J21 dag siden
  • I need a mullet styling tutorial please, I have my hair short just like yours and I can’t style it to save my life and my hair is as thin as great great grandmas 😅🥺 I love all of your videos and helllllooo beautiful! I hope you’re well!

    Justice ShibleeJustice Shiblee21 dag siden
  • Why did I get an ad for the exact shirt you’re wearing what

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  • Brad:put your head back me firing of laughter 😂🤣

    Miky BrookerMiky Brooker21 dag siden

    Natasha O'callaghanNatasha O'callaghan22 dager siden
  • Imagine styling my curly hair and i have only 10 mints it is impossible 😂

    zahra 99zahra 9922 dager siden
  • Anytime brad uses a mannequin I can’t help but think of 5 (the umbrella club) and his obsession with that one mannequin 😂😂

    Yasmin SolisYasmin Solis22 dager siden
  • Hair tutorial in crimper please 💕

    Yesi GYesi G22 dager siden
  • Living that mullet life Brad 🔥

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  • I got an ad of his sweater

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  • Me in the middle of a bleaching at a salon waching brad mondo

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  • I got the add for the shirt that he is wearing !

    Thanushree NatarajThanushree Nataraj23 dager siden
  • I love your sweater. Could you tell me which brand it is? Thank you. Latin America loves you!

    Claudia SanguinettiClaudia Sanguinetti23 dager siden
  • You’re hair looks so effing amazing!♥️

    Lexumus PrimeLexumus Prime23 dager siden
  • Okay but why did I get an ad in the middle of this video for the shirt you're wearing lmao

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  • Anyone know the brand of crimper he used on the last style?

    Amanda SmalleyAmanda Smalley23 dager siden
  • why did the last girl only have one lash wtf

    Sude InceSude Ince23 dager siden
  • How much heat do you put on your crimper Ps love your vid you made me what to do hairdressing. For my job

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  • Poor bat mitzvah girl D:

    writerspen010writerspen01024 dager siden
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  • I loved this video! Such a fun idea! That last crimpeed look is stunning and i will definitely be trying it!

    LottieeLottiee24 dager siden
  • seriously why do i smile everytime you say “hi beautiful” like you are talking to me and not all of your followers n its just your intro 😂😂

    ashlynn Thomasashlynn Thomas24 dager siden
    • It seriously boosts my confidence when he says “Hi beautiful”. Just makes me so happy!

      0xGracie0x0xGracie0x24 dager siden
  • this sweater is INSANE sis!!! where did you get it?😍😍😍

    Ash DAsh D24 dager siden
  • when i live in sonoma california 👁👄👁

    Emiley ReisEmiley Reis24 dager siden
  • Okay. Am I the only one who thought Brad was holding something in his hands in the thumbnail?

    Darien HemmerleinDarien Hemmerlein24 dager siden
  • the ad before this video was the sweater brad’s wearing in this video... creepy

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    • Grace Sawyer I got it in the middle....

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  • This hair Brad!! Loving it 🔥🔥🔥

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  • This is the best video EVER!!!

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  • Oh. I can see someone is living his mohawk dream, huh? ;)

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  • 3/10 minute hairstyles but the videos only 18 minutes 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ stop cutting us short with our Brad! Lol

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  • Love your HAIR Brad!! You’re so handsome!

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    4morochasy1rubia4morochasy1rubia25 dager siden
  • Am I the only one that got an ad about the beginning about the sweatshirt he’s wearing???

    Emma LivelyEmma Lively25 dager siden
    • Omg sameeee

      Sara KempSara Kemp25 dager siden
  • I literally watched 11:58 - 12:02 like 10 times 😂💖

    reinercareinerca25 dager siden
  • I love him. He's so sweet ❤️

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  • I must have that sweater can someone tell me where to get it pls

    cactus boicactus boi26 dager siden
  • I know I'm not the only one, I'd like a closet tour

    Nahla AlyNahla Aly26 dager siden
  • does anyone know where that pink crimper is from!?

    hayden fulfordhayden fulford26 dager siden
  • poor, poor Rebecca...

    Denetta NickensDenetta Nickens26 dager siden
  • "Brad, you should do a series where we send in pictures of ourselves and you tell us what cut, color and, style you’d do if you did our hair!" - Lex May

    Yeah It's MEYeah It's ME26 dager siden
    • Yes yes yes!

      Leanne JamesLeanne James24 dager siden
  • Brad you look like Ariana Grande with your sleeve clutching 😂

  • Brad I haven’t washed my hair for 4 days I DO NOT LOOK SCRUMPTIOUS I have my specks on and I’m in my pjs 😢 I’m the opposite and your making me feel weird 😂

  • What tools are you using Brad mondo ?

    Alex TourangeauAlex Tourangeau26 dager siden
  • Shear genius shear genius shear genius

    Savannah KiddSavannah Kidd26 dager siden
  • Would love to see this challenge on real people and more time! 💕

    Mason ReeedMason Reeed26 dager siden
  • After watching your videos I'm motivated to cut my best friends hair😂

    Dakshata MishraDakshata Mishra26 dager siden
  • I love Brad's sweater yas

    Day roseDay rose26 dager siden
  • every one is asking about the sweater, it took me a while to find here you go imperfectionstudio.com/collections/all-aw2020/products/black-sweater

    MrMarco388MrMarco38826 dager siden
  • When’s the mondo hair purple shampoo and conditioner coming!!! 🙌🏼😩😍

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  • "Ohhh it looks like hell" I was laughing so hard I was legitimately concerned about not being able to breathe

    Michaela MaxwellMichaela Maxwell26 dager siden
  • My heart: omg this is awesome 💗 My mind: I wish my dad could do this-

    Gaming with ConnorGaming with Connor26 dager siden
  • Brad: spends 10 minutes on a hairstyle and it turns out amazing Me: spends 40 minutes to blow dry my hair and it becomes a frizzy mess

    Lydia G.Lydia G.27 dager siden
  • Rebecca 😂😂 I can't

    Laura MasonLaura Mason27 dager siden
  • Sold out again 😣

    Farm GirlFarm Girl27 dager siden
  • I'm f****ing obsessed with your sweater. 😍🖤

    Katelyn KayKatelyn Kay27 dager siden
    • you are welcome katelyn imperfectionstudio.com/collections/all-aw2020/products/black-sweater

      MrMarco388MrMarco38826 dager siden